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Experience Australia this year!

Experience Australia this year! Get free Visa advice from a Qualified and Licensed professional.   #Visa #AustralianVisa #VisaAdvice #Bangkok

Tips to Getting An Australian Visa The First Time

Australia is the world’s largest island yet the smallest continent. It is an ideal tourist destination and also a great place to live. It is a place that you are sure to love as it has something for everyone. If…

Why You Should Get Expert Help with Your Visa Application

Getting a visa can be a complicated and lengthy process. Visa requirements, and the time visa application take to process vary from country to country. The large demand for visas, and the legality involved in processing them mean that applications…

Breaking News! To All Australian Visa Applicant

As of Tuesday 3rd May all Australian visa applicants in Thailand will need to get their fingerprints and picture taken.   Avoid the cost and time of having to travel to VFS Bangkok and get your application in by Monday….